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Altitude IT has considerable experience in building and maintaining security infrastructures. The areas that we focus are:

  • Firewalls
  • Static and dynamic packet filtering
  • Encryption
  • VPN
  • Intrusion detection
  • Virus protection
  • Access Control

Please look at the following questions to ascertain whether your company may need a security evaluation.

Listed below are 13 areas considered essential by our Securities Group:

  1. Are security options in the operating system activated?
  2. Are there precautions to prevent spyware?
  3. Is there a management initiative to create a security architecture?
  4. Are there any instructions for bringing outside software/data into the organisation?
  5. Are security-related patches from developers and/or vendors implemented as soon as possible?
  6. Is critical software backed up and stored in another safe place?
  7. Is critical software protected by checksums?
  8. Are there any routines to handle missing media?
  9. Is the network administrator privilege restricted to a few users?
  10. Is there a routine for the administration of the firewall?
  11. Is access to communication ports for service protected?
  12. Are there routines for employees who leave?
  13. Is there a contingency plan for system recovery after an accident?


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