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Onsite and Offsite Backup

Each year businesses lose endless amounts of dollars due to data loss and downtime. Most of these businesses could have easily avoid the loss and stress of this by implementing correct backup procedures were put in place.

Onsite Data Backup Maintenance

Ensuring your systems are up-to-date and backed up correctly is an important part of system maintenance. We can review and recommend backup measures to be put in place to ensure your computer systems are safe from potential data loss.

Offsite Data Backup

Altitude IT can provide secure offsite data protection, using proven technology and experience. Easily backup and restore data anytime, anywhere and from virtually any point in time. Remove the risk of data loss and the resulting loss in time and money by protecting your company's most valuable asset today.

Data Security was put in place.... ...and backup of systems complete.


Ensure you have
     Reliable Backup.

"I can't express enough the importance of the external backup service provided. In the aftermath of the devastating fire at my pharmacy in Wembley Downs, it was a huge relief to know that my entire POS and clinical data was backed up securely. This enabled me to continue to service my customers. It facilitated a speedy resolution to aspects of my insurance claim. I would recommend this invaluable service to any owner who is serious about their business."

Henry Gulev - Owner of Wembley Downs Pharmacy



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